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Terms and Conditions


To advertise

When you contact the Passionate Artist to become a member, we ask you to write a piece, submit photos, etc. The Passionate Artist posts the work himself. You can send an email at any time of the month to adjust your advertisement, add events, etc.

We will adjust this for you as soon as possible, ideally the same day.


Every week we send a newsletter by email with an interview with an artist, a summary of artists' events. Every week an artist is selected at random. TPA then calls this artist to ask if he is interested in conducting an interview over the phone or in person. The interview is always discussed with the artist before we publish it.

You can always unsubscribe from the newsletter via a link in the newsletter.

Photo session

Every month (if indicated due to vacation, illness, etc.) a photography session is offered to a passionate Passionate Artist.

The photography session consists of a maximum of 20 photos (more is possible, discuss the options). The photos are accurately adjusted in Lightroom. The photos are usually taken by Bianca de Groot, but if that is not possible, by Eelco Sijtsma.

Video session

Every quarter (if indicated due to vacation, illness, etc.) a video session is offered to a randomly selected Passionate Artist.

The documentary is a maximum of 5 minutes long, and is indicated somewhere in the video


The editing is done by The Passionate Artist. Feedback is asked once and minor adjustments can be made to the video, but it is not the intention that there is 10 back and forth between the passionate artist and the team of the Passioante Artist 


The Passionate Artist handles your data with care. We don't share anything with other companies. All data remains within The Passionate Artist and is not used for advertising or other purposes.

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