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Liège (Liège) BE | 
Portrait, architecture, illustration
Liege, BE
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Je m'appelle Louise Mohr.
Je suis architecte. Then you follow the design techniques of your creation and the spontaneity of your design. The illustration is a passe-temps. Je dessine depuis l'age de huit ans. The designs are very rapid, and the colors are stable. J'accorde beaucoup d'importance à l'harmonie générale de la creation et à son cadrage. Mes designs sont remplis d'humour et d'autodérision. 
Egon Schiele is a source of inspiration for his journey. 


My name is Louise Mohr.

I am an architect. As part of my work I make technical drawings but I was missing the creativity and spontaneity of free drawing. Illustration is a hobby. I've been drawing since I was eight years old. My designs are very fast. They can be described as closed lines filled with colours. I attach great importance to the general harmony of the creation and to its framing. My drawings are filled with humor and self-deprecation. Egon Shiele has always been a source of inspiration.

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