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Amsterdam (NL)  | 
People, abstracted figurative, intimate
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  • People
  • Abstracted figurative
  • Intimate

From an early age there was always art around me. My mother is a big art lover and there are many painters in her family. I remember when I was 15 and painted on canvas for the first time for a school assignment. It was an old canvas from a student the year before and when I look back now I see all my mistakes, but when I finished that painting and looked at it for the first time at 15 I thought “wow, I didn't know I could do this.” could." and I have never experienced that with anything else and constantly surprising yourself with painting.

At the beginning of my fine art studies, I hated abstract art. I remember saying to my fellow student: “If I ever make abstract art, you have to shoot me.” Now I still won't call myself an “abstract artist”, but especially in the last year of my studies I embraced abstraction, or at least the act of abstracting.

I think the great thing about painting is that in the end it is always just spots of color. No matter how detailed you paint, if you look close enough you will see the spots of color. So I really enjoy playing with the clarity and size of those spots in my paintings.

Sometimes this manifests itself as paintings with clear brushstrokes that tend towards abstraction, sometimes as paintings with so many thin layers of paint that the process is almost invisible. - Nona Mooij (4).png

Solo exhibition

SBK Kunstuitleen & Gallery

15/5-19/6 2022

Amsterdam - Nona Mooij (2).png

Group exhibition

Space where light can enter


2/7 - 29/7 2022

Janskerk Utrecht - Nona Mooij (1).png

Group exhibition

Society of Arti et Amicitae

Sep 2022


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